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beef brisket

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cooking a 12# brisket today. injected and marninaded it last night with some beef broth and worstchire sauce. Before it went on the smoker I rubbed it with a basic beef rub. cooked it at 275 for about 5hrs and took it off at 205IT. its currently resting for a couple hrs before I separate for burnt ends. Sry no pictures yet. will try to remember them for the next process

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OK...see the pics...nice hunk o'beef. So, how was it? Looks like beautiful slices at 205.....Willie
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great job nice smoke

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Looks very nice. Good to see someone smoking larger pieces of meat above 225.
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I started smoking all my briskets and butts at 270*-300*. The time saving is significant and the end result IMHO is better. I love tending the fire and smoker but after about 8 hrs. I start to get a little impatient especially when I'm doing a big cut of meat at least every weekend. Its also kind of cool to get off work early during the middle of  the week and have brisket fresh off the smoker for dinner.

Just my .02.


BTW tchamp that is an awesome looking brisket!

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