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hello yall

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My name is Ricky. I live in Abilene, TX. Originally from Tulsa. I've been a backyard bbq guy for about 10 years. Done a couple of local backyard comps, but nothing bigger than that. My dream is to do the circuit when I retire. That's gonna be a while since I'm only 32, but at least I'll have tons of practice. I'm married with 4 kids and am a truck driver for Estes. I'm the primary chef in the house, so we eat a lot of stuff that's cooked outdoors. I've got a Lyfe Tyme offset out of Uvalde that I absolutely love. My best item is spare ribs, but I love to do anything that can possibly be smoked or grilled. Great to find a site with tons of knowledge and not a lot of arguing and chest bumping like you run into a lot.
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^got some whole pork loins going today for fathers day.
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Looks good, This is a great site with lots of helpful people


Gary S

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Welcome! That's a sweet cooker you have there!

Pit Happens!
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