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Found the answer to the no foil rest in the humid to dry threads, place in pan on a rack and cover with a towel or cheese cloth.  Didn't really see an answer on the guestimate for time but from reading those threads it looks like it's well above 2 hours pLB. So I plan to cook at 230* and give myself at least 24 hours for an 8lb butt, that the majority of the fat cap has been trimmed (not going for a complete trim). Then depending on the bark I will either foil rest it or cloth rest it. I want a little crisp to the bark but not tough.  Looks like I need to pick up some pea gravel or play sand for my water tray and then I'll add in 3 cups of water.  

My final question is how long do I let the AMNPS roll? Fill it and let it burn out? This will be my first use of the AMNPS and honestly I think that is the part I am most nervous about, after all I am feeding a 4th of July picnic.  amnps placement per todd 

The AMNPS 5x8 should do a great job

Place it on the bars towards the bottom left

Pull the chip pan out about 1 1/2"

Pull the chip loader out 2"

Exhaust wide open

No water in the water pan

I assume this wil lalso work for a MES40 gen1, the directions were for a gen 1 MES30 when I asked. 
My biggest fear is the humidity will not play nice with the AMNPS.

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Made the sauce again and used half as much black pepper and half as much all spice and it was great. Next time I think I am going to add the full amount of all spice as it seemed to be missing some sort of flavor on the back end.

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