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Masterbuilt propane smoker HELP

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This morning I put together my smoker I bought from Bass Pro. My model is the 20051313. What I am curious about is, is this normal:

I am very inexperience in this smoker with propane. Is this is how it is supposed to look at the brass piece inserted into the stainless steel. Seems like too much of a gap. I am going to season tomorrow, but I want to make sure it is safe to operate. Please help.
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I'm not sure but I think the brass jetted nozzle is supposed to be inserted fully into the SS tube.... will it fit like that....... Zoom out, on the picture, so we can see the entire burner assembly....

Can you move the burner assembly closer to the nozzle ?????
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I will try and get a picture as soon as I can.
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If the burner assembly won't slide back to the brass jet, center the brass jet in the SS tube so there is proper air/fuel mixing....
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Dave do you have one of these smokers?
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No but I'm familiar with propane and natural gas burners......
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Dave just got home and realized the the burner section was not tight enough. I hope the pictures are clear enough.

I looks better. Just wanted to make sure it was assembled correctly for safe use.
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It looks like the burner assembly should be slid toward the front of the smoker so the SS tube slides over the brass orifice body..... Do they have a picture of the assembly in the manual....
Usually in a burner assembly, the brass part that holds the burner jet, slides into the venture tube (the SS part) and seal off on the end of the SS tube..... Then when the fuel is injected into the venture tube ( the SS part) a partial vacuum us created at the burner orifice and sucks air in for a proper air/fuel mixture.... that air comes from the series of holes in the SS tube... all that stuff is built based on a calibration of orifice size, fuel pressure and venture air inlet holes... If the brass part does not fit tight into the SS tube venture assembly, the fuel/air mixture will be incorrect.... too much air will be sucked in and mixed with the fuel.... and it will burn lean.....

Anyway, those are my thoughts.... check to see if the venture SS tube is properly mounted to the burner... or if the burner can be rotated 180 deg. to connect to the venture tube and if that changes the dimensions....

Now you know everything I know....
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Thanks for your assistance. I will check the SS piece tomorrow. I know I have the assembly as a whole slide and tightened as far and tight it will go. I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks again.
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ok.......In the meanwhile, maybe someone with that smoker can take pictures of their burner install .... and that would help........
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Look at step #5 on page 9..... It looks exactly like your install..... Boy-o-boy was I wrong..... it looks as if it is supposed to fit off center.... BTW, that is the second manual I looked up and they were both the same..... Sorry for the confusion....... Dave

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Here is what the instruction book shows:

So Dave you are saying that it is correct as I have installed?
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Originally Posted by cdank22 View Post

Here is what the instruction book shows:

So Dave you are saying that it is correct as I have installed?



In short, yes, it's correct.  Something appears to be just a bit out of square with your smoker.  Could be that some of the bolt holes have a little bit of play in them and things weren't perfectly square when tightened down.  It's either that or your smoker is slightly warped.


At any rate, it should work fine.   The gap between the venture and the burner tube isn't a concern as the gas pressure from the propane tank makes it immaterial.

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Sure looks like the drawings and your assembly are the same, from where I sit..... Dave
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Thank you for your help. Both of you have been a huge help. Now it's time to season that thing and get to smoking.
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And please remember the pictures........ icon14.gif
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You got it! 👍
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First round of seasoning:

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I was just about to throw some ribs on my smoker, (same smoker as this one) and I have flames erupting at that spot. I've never seen it do that before, and I've smoked some chicken breasts and burgers since I last got my tanks filled. I tried both tanks just to make sure it wasn't an issue with the tank/valve. 


Does anyone know what could be causing it? As the op posted, I was concerned about that spot when I 1st got it, but it always worked fine up until now. 

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