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OK Joe Mod question

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I was told by a few people to take a look at Horizon Smoker website to pick up a tuning plate to help control the heat flow. I sent them an email just to get some general information about the products they sell. They never answered back.

I measured the inside of my smoker and it's 40 in from side to side. The tuning plate I think I need is


Of course since the dimension are shorter I just wanted to be sure.



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I bought one from them and yes not good on reply emails I bought one for the highland model and it fits good my concern for my model is little diffrent tho but I believe it's suppose yo not be the full length of the cooking chamber.
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Horizon is bad on emails and bad on delivery
But!!!! It's a great product that works
Just be aggressive with your phone calls it will pay off
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Thanks guys I appreciate the help.

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Ordered it May 15th and got it June 10th
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Yours is bent at 90degrees? Mine is at 45!!
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Mine is oklahoma joe highland when I went onto the site on horizon it listed that this one fits the highland model so I got it.
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Very cool
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That is nice. I want that 45 degree angle though to help any of the drippings sitting at the front of the grill racks to slide down

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I built my own out of 1/4" plate. No holes in mine and with a few tuning plates it works prefectly.
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Here is my plate!
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Nice I had been thinking about that grab a few plates of metal and putting them in place. Do you have them welded in or do they just rest there?

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Oh nice
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I also have the OK Joe i ordered    horizon, they had to make mine because they were out , they said 3 weeks and it was delivered on time. mine has 45deg angle , but the angle is next to the fire box so it wont help with your drippings from the front of your grill.

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The plate with an angle next to fire box is welded in. I bolted it first but then figured since I have a welder just as well weld up the gaps. The other plates just lay in place.
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