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Brand new Traeger owner

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I've always wanted to smoke meats but have never had the nerve. Traeger has finally given me the courage to start. I've done 1 brisket (good) and 1 turkey (not so good) so looking for tips and tricks. Thanks.

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to that point, I'm looking for a good internal meat thermometer that would be appropriate for a Traeger BBQ075. Thanks!
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A maverick et 732 or 733 is a great tool to have. Monitors both cooker and meat temp or the 733 can measure 2 meats. Congrats on the new cooker. Be sure to experiment with different brands of pellets. They can make a big difference in smoke flavor. Best of luck.
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I think most people on this site use the Maverick 732, I have two of them and have had good luck.  They also released the ET 733 that has a couple more features but also costs a bit more.  We bought a Treager 3-4 weeks ago, been working great.



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Hello and welcome to SMF, keep us posted on your next smoke


Gary S

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