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Gonna be some happy folks tomorrow!

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Everything went onto the smoker at 6:30 PM and smoked @ 225 degrees.  The flat was pulled @ 195 degrees IT at 3:30 AM.  I probably should have pulled it @ 190 degrees IT, but it was still very good.  The point was pulled @ 205 degrees @ 6:30 AM, and I have to say it was PERFECT!!!  It made for some of the best burnt ends I've ever cooked, or eaten for that matter.  I was very pleased overall with how everything came out.  It was a late night with not a lot of sleep and as a result I forgot to take some pics of "important" things along the way (like the point before it was all cut up).  I wrapped everything in foil and towels and placed in the cooler.  Everything was still warm/hot when it came time to slice and serve.  I completed the meal out with grilled corn, a pan of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans (which I found here on SMF and I must say were AMAZING and will be made again....I also forgot to get a picture of these too) cole slaw, squash casserole made from squash from the garden, and watermelon, banana pudding, and a blueberry pound cake for dessert.  Everyone loved the meal and if they left hungry, it was their own fault!!!  Thanks for all the support from the greatest site on the webz!!!!!  The flat.


 The flat sliced.


 The burnt ends from the point sauced with my GA Sweet Sauce.


 flat and point all sliced up and ready to eat.


 Grilled corn

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