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Hello from Pennsylvania

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I'm a beginner,I have a Brinkmann Electric smoker
Looking forward to learn a lot on this forum
I love cooking all kinds of meat on my grill but looking to start smoking
I thought I would try the brinkmann and master it befor I graduate to the
Better and bigger smokers
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Hey Fitler, welcome to the site.... Glad ya joined us !
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Hello and welcome to the world of smoking. Look through the Forums and Threads, lots of information here.


Gary S

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Welcome to the SMF Family... There are quite a few PA guys here and all the help and recipes you will probably ever need. When you get into Curing Meat, have any recipe you pull off the Web reviewed by us. There are a lot of bad recipes floating around...JJ

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Thanks Chef Jimmy,I'll do that
I'm from Harrisburg
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Thanks Gary
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I'm very happy. I joined
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Hi, and weclome from another PA Brinkmann guy. I have mine for 20+ years, have added some bells and whistles along the way, and seriously doubt whether I will ever "upgrade" It meets my needs. Ernie

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Welcome from the State College area.

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I drilled vent holes  in the top which I cover with circular magnets when not in use, A Smoke Daddy smoke generator which allows me to smoke without additional heat. ( I use it all the time as I seem to prefer more smoke than most people) and a PID which enables me to control the temperature. You will find this forum very helpful, as there are very many knowledgeable people here who are willing to share their experience. Bear in mind there will be differences  of opinion, since in the end it is all a matter of personal preference. A lot of the fun is in the experimenting. When you develop a recipe that YOU really like there is a lot of satisfaction in it. Ernie

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A warm welcome from NE PA!!!!
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Thanks Gary
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