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ground beef in a tube 80/20 for sticks?

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Alright fellas hopefully I'm I'm the right spot on the forum. I apologize in advance If I'm mistaken. So with deer season a bit ways out here in Iowa, I've been itching to make some beef sticks. I have a 10# roll of ground burger in the ratio (they say it is) of 80/20. I have really no use for it at this point other than...maybe some beef sticks? Normally when I make sticks with venison I use 40% pork and 60% venison for my 25# batches. Turns out awesome however I'm a little worried this 80/20 burger will be to greasy. I mean everyone loves snack sticks! Guess where I'm going with this is... has anyone used this before? Any recommendations on maybe adding something to it? I'd really like to give it a whirl through the olé smoker and see but figured I better get an idea of the turn out first lol... thanks guys and any information or tips will be greatly appreciated:yahoo:
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I see no problem using it for snack sticks. I've used it for all beef summer sausage and hot dogs. Don't forget pics of the finished product! 

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You'll be fine

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Thanks guys I am pry going to give it a whirl and see how it turns!! And I will for sure have pictures 8)
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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

You'll be fine

yeahthat.gif X2

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Yep, as stated above you'll be fine. I did a 5 pound batch a while back using a Nepas recipe and they didn't last long. If interested, here's the link with the ingredients I used for a 5 pound batch. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/161684/beef-sticks-with-a-long-slow-smoke-for-tang-ala-nepas
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I have used Ground beef in a tube a few times, I figure it is cheaper and more accurate than grinding up a more expensive roast, then not knowing the fat content of the ground meat.  Taste wise, it worked out more than fine each time.  And yes I did add about 20% pork to the sausages (Pepperettes) I made.

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80/20 is usually the most frequently used blend because it goes on sale the most frequently. Tube Beef is packed under more strict sanitary standards and inspection. It is a good choice, from a Safety point of view, for Sausage making...JJ

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Well, I would use that stuff only as a last resort.  You really don't know what is in the mix.  The meat in plastic tubes is not ground in the supermarket but usually travels for long distances from a large meat packing plant. Large processors use trimmings such as head meat and what they call "advanced meat recovery trimmings" that I don't care for.  I have stopped buying ground beef years ago.  I wait until beef roasts go on sale then I grind my own.

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Thanks for all the input so far. I keep notes of all the points mentioned. I'm more less looking for a way to make some sausage on a budget. A lot of the beef around anymore is so high priced it's hard to justify hacking it up and grinding . Guess while we're on the topic anybody got any killer recipes for beef sticks in say a 10# batch.
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Try PS Seasonings, their Habanaro snack sticks are great, also Mitchlitch spices has a killer Jalapeno snack stick 


Good luck


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Checked their website and appears they have a lot of flavors to choose from. May have to try a few out this coming deer season. Thanks for the reply man
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Well fellas here are some pictures from this past few days of sausage making. LOL sorry took so long to update this information. I ended up going half venison and half ground beef in a tube. They tasted excellent once I was done smoking those!!! Very good flavor too! Thanks guys for all your help and hope you enjoy the pictures of my set up and my process. Later on fellas!!!

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Nice looking sticks and equipment...............Thumbs Up

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Thanks buddy 8) the smoker I built and that lem grinder to the mixer is awesome
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Here are the final pictures of the ground beef and venison mix I made. Turned out great and the cheddar hi-temp was ok but, I prefer hot cheddar over it. The locker was fresh out, I know bummer deal right. Anyways enjoy fellas, its a lot of fun being able to share the images and process with others that enjoy this "labor of love" process :)




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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

Nice looking sticks and equipment...............Thumbs Up

Boykjo, How do you like them cabelas stuffers with the motor. They are pricey but seem like they would be durable? I noticed the hand cranks are pretty stiff when stuffing snack sticks. even the 19 MM. Thought about saving and getting like the 10# cabela's stuffer with the motor down the road.

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Brandon, afternoon..... The sticks look great..... Nice job....... icon14.gif ...

About the stuffer..... from what I have read, on this forum, the 5# stuffers are easier to stuff sticks.... I think it has something to do with the diameter of the piston versus the diameter of the tube..... better ratio for stuffing small casings.... FWIW....

Maybe someone can explain their first hand experience stuffing using different sized stuffers.....

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Hey dave,
Yes the 5# suffers with a hand crank have been the easiest but seems to be lot of pressure on the hears when using smaller stuffing tubes. I did ha email a 15# gander mountain one that I was really excited to use. Long story short I ended up stuffing 10 lbs and throwing away 15 is of good product because by the time I got to the rest. The cure had set up and it was impossible to push through the stuffing tube. Even after adding water. I sold that ASAP. I got this weston 5# stuffer now and it works on but I wanna find a little bigger stuffing tube. It has a 2inch base on the stuffing tube. I typically use 19-21 mm casings. But haven't been able to locate the right tube that would fit 8/. And thanks man for the :sausage:compliment on the sticks. They turned out great with the experiment with ground beef and venison mix vs. The pork mix I normally use. Little cheaper too than pork prices
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Try making a tube from this brass tube stock..... really thin wall..... easier to push stuff through....

Here is one place to get it....... I use 1/2" OD..... that is 13mm OD.... you can try 9/16" OD.... still plenty small....

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