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my 1st butt...

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i put this in another area, and somebody let me know i should be in "pork", i am going to post these qviews here, since i like to share, and maybe a little bit of a show off...i smoked 2 shoulders, rubbed with "schultz", at about 250, over mesquite, for about 6hrs, and "slaughter house" spritz every hour or so...then i pulled them off, wrapped tight in heavy duty foil, placed into an aluminum pan, and into the oven at 225 for almost another 10hrs...the house smelled of smoke all night...then i un-wrapped and poured what juice was in the foil in the aluminum pan and shredded with a large fork...the meat was tender, smokey and smelled awesome!! then onto a bun, just a little "sweet baby rays" and i have been enjoying for 2 days now...i cannot imagine what could have made these butts any better, but am always open to hear any ideas...enjoy the qviews...

this last view is a little blurry, but it was 4a.m., and the flash was washing out the

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That all looks real tasty, great job on that smoke ! icon14.gif
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Wow you've sure come along way with that smoker!


The pork looks awesome! Such a great job.



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Absolutely beautiful....
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Looks fantastic Mosh! Great job!

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Looks great from here. Very nice job.
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Mmm...that looks delicious mrmosh!  :drool  Nicely done!  Thumbs Up



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Looks great!!!   My only advice would be to try a Butt in the smoker......and only the smoker......till its done!!!   Also I do not wrap my butt (insert kindergarten snicker here) as I want a nice bark all the way around.  I find that wrapping makes the bark mushy (my .02) . 


Keep smoking!!!



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looks great thanks for the Q-View

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thanks for the comments, and has been an awesome smoker, and anything i have put in it has come out perfect!!

and although i do see the point of a mushy bark, i was lucky enough that it did not happen...i use the oven only for the fact, that i do not want to have to monitor the temp through the evening...and i figure that there is only so much smoke that can be pushed in, and the oven can do the rest of the work little attention...just from what i have read on the internet...and you know, if it is on the web, it has to be true...right??

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