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Hello from MA

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Hi, new member from western MA here. I have had an electric smoker in the past but, not too impressed so I decided to go down the UDS road. I picked up two 58 gallon drums from a recycler that were one time use for olive oil for 10 buck a piece! The only pain is they do not have a removable top but, for 10 bucks I wasn't complaining. I also got a 55 gallon brand new drum with a lid for free and that is what I am making my first UDS with. I started it last night and I will start a new thread on that shortly. Looking forward to some great BBQ and a whole lot of fun along the way!

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Hey Jeremy, good morning and welcome to the forum. 10 bucks and free, can't beat that deal, looking forward to the build


Gary S

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Welcome Jeremy indeed!


There is a New England group, as well as my wine group, (click up in the "Groups" section), and many many others to join and enjoy here as well, and so please do so!


Meanwhile, you'll love it here! Cheers! - Leah

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