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Hello from Arizona!

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Hi I am happy to be part of this forum! I live near Laughlin, NV and the Colorado river.  I have been Grilling,Smokin and BBQ'n for many years and own at least a dozen diff grills in all shapes and sizes, I also started on a red weber 22 and still have it after 15 yrs! My favorite way to cook is indirect low and slow, soaked chips with water pan. My wood of choice is pecan and apple and mix them often. I have an offset char smoker and have it pretty much mastered. The reason I joined this forum was my wife just bought me a masterbuilt 30 electric smoker from qvc, and it came with only one recipe,  I landed here by luck for sure! I have never used gas or electric to smoke and to be honest never planned on it. This new smoker is a beauty and has potential I just haven't tapped it yet. I look forward to interacting and also helping others in the pursuit of great meat!42.gif

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Good morning, and welcome to the forum. Congrats on the newest addition.


Gary S

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Welcome you will like it here !!!!!!

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