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fresh meat

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New to the smoking game . Just started about 2 weeks ago using my charcoal grill . So far I've become an addict ! Watching videos , googling recipes, methods ,temps etc. Also looking into either constructing my own smoker or modifying a store bought . Looking forward to learning more through this forum .
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Welcome to the board! Maybe start with a storebought and discover what you do and don't like about it, then design your own.

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Welcome to the site.
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Hello and welcome to SMF, Lots of information on here, search through the different forums


Gary S

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Thanks for advice . I was looking to get an offset smoker . Any advice on brand ?
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The best brand might vary from one price range to another. One other thing you'll see here is the recommendation, for any brand, that you closely inspect for quality of build and fit before you buy.

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Dont have alot to spend on one. Seen a few in the 100-150 range , though seen a few videos on you tube that you lose alot of smoke and heat with cheap . But you can also mod with gaskets and what not . Also where would i pick up a heat transfer plates and a baffle ? Or are those also moded ? Ive seen bricks used , does that also work ?
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This is my setup and cost so far.
Chargriller model 2121... $99 on sale at lowes.
Side fire box... $69.
Wood stove gasket... $8.
5/8 channel for gasket to set in... $8.
High temp silicone... $7
3" dryer vent for exhaust extention... $9
Misc nuts and bolts... $5
3/4 x 9 gauge expended metal for charcoal basket was free.
2 3" probe thermometers...$25.
Total labor time...about 3 hours.
Hope it works as good as everyone says it should with the mods.
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*Extension and *Expanded.
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Hey thanks . Though dryer vent ?? I'm confused ? How's that come in ? Got any pics ?
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Smoking quarter chicken to tonight . Haven't stopped smoking since I started , my pic is boston butt .I'm serious about smoking , I am a sponge soaking in all I can
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Search on the forum for Chargriller mods. I would send you a pic but I just got done sealing my gasket in place with the high temp silicone and it is curing so I don't want to open the lid. But I will post pictures of it when I get it finished.
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