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Smoke Hollow Models

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I am having trouble finding out what the differences between the smoke hallow models the 31062e 30166e, 30166e-m, 30167e, 30168e. They seem to be just yearly incremental name changes, but there are tons of 30162e for sale everywhere, very few 30166e for sale(menards has them, is that what the "m" is for?), and the 30168e is on sale at many places like home depot.


The 30168e seems the logical choice as it seems to be the newest. But the 30166e-m can be had much cheaper while the 30162e is the same price as the 30168e.


What are the differences, are any better then the others?  Online they look the same with slightly different handles? Anyone know?

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So I am guessing the models are all the same. There seems to very little info ion the interwebs describing differences.  Looking at a ton of pictures and sales descriptions they sure all look/sound identical, just the handles seem to be different.


Its just when 2 models are $199 and another model is $99, I would like to know why and not miss out a feature I may need. Or pay double for no reason.

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They all look similar to me as well.  The more you pay the better the materials and you get some bells and whistles.  I never heard of this smoker before you posted so I don't know details. 



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That is usually the case. But they sure look exactly the same inside and out(except the handle). I've seen the 30166e-m, went to look at the 30168e this weekend but they had no floor model.


I found out about the Smoke Hollows on this site, so I was hoping to get someone that might know about them. I'll keep looking. If i do find a difference(s) in these electric models I'll post them.

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The search function yielded quite a few discussions regarding Smoke Hollow. You may want to look here:

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Thanks, I searched "Smoke Hollow Electric" and got most of those threads, You seemed to get a few more, I will read through them. Not too much comparing models. I noticed  one of the char-broil 30in smokers is a dead ringer. I think they are all the same. There is also one of the Master Built 30" models is close to the smoke hollow 30" .


I've already started constructing a home made smoke daddy and might just make my own electric smoker. I've made 5 or 6 grills in my day and a few charcoal smokers.

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You didn't mention budget or anything specific like gas or electric.  Have you looked at the Smokin-it, SmokinTex and Cookshack line of electric smokers?  Very popular. Cookshack is US made, and digital, and pricey.  The SI and ST smokers are imports, and good solid performers, although analog.  Check them out. 

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Thx, I will check them out.


I like to build my own stuff cheap.  I was planning on making my own Electric smoker. Im already starting to build a cold smoke generator. Anyway I saw the Smoke hollow model 30166E-M at a great price and did a little more research and found a majority of the Smoke hollow electric smokers available are models 30162e and the 30168e, both twice the money of the 30166e. Just looking for the difference in the models, because I can find any differences(other then the handle and possibly some slight difference in the wood tray, which I will probably not use).


So preference is electric, budget is Zero with the possibility of spending a small amount if it makes sense.

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