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bacon cheese burgers

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Making a Bacon cheese burger roll. Mixed my hamburger meat and rolled it out, added onions and sharp cheddar. Rolled it up, tucked in the ends and put a bacon weave on it. Then added more bacon on the ends of the roll.

On the pellet popper at 325.

Going to slice it up and put it on a hamburger bun when done.
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Getting close but still need to render some more grease out of the bacon.

Glad I cleaned the grease bucket. It is already close to 3/4 full. So I guess with this much grease coming out it is getting close to health food right?
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i imagine you used low far cheese ...  i been very curious about making one of these fatties. looked on here, watched some youtube. im pretty sure ist gonna happen with some of my fresh sausage. i will be smoking bacon after the weekend so YUP ... ITS ON !!!!!



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Nice looking fatty!
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Well it ended up a little dry due to trying to get it done quickly for supper. Bacon didn't crisp up fast enough. Next time I think I will skip the weave and do the bacon beside the roll. Taste was great and ended up being a easy way to do burgers in a way that allows for an extra beer or two.

Good enough to fill the belly and should be good for lunch tomorrow
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