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New guy with a UDS

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Hey everybody, last year I got a masterbuilt electric smoker for Father's Day. I used it about once or twice a month this last year. The food was pretty good, but not what I wanted. Growing, my dad always used a old horizontal 55 gallon drum split in half with a firebox welded to the side of it. We always had great barbecue to eat as a kid, and the electric didn't give me the type of smoke I was looking for. So this week, I picked up a second hand ugly drum smoker that I buddy gave me for free. He just upgrades to a BGE and didn't need it anymore. I'm in the middle of my first cook now, and I am already in love. It's held at 250 for 4 hours with zero adjustment. It's amazing. I'm pretty sure in about to be doing a WHOLE lot more smoking. Figured it was time to join the forum. I subscribed to the 5 day email course last year, and it was awesome. Really got me started.
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This was 2 hours in. It's at 4 hours now and the bark looks fantastic. Another hour or so and I'll wrap it and let it go to 204-206
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Just got foiled
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That looks GREAT!  I too have a UDS that I built myself and I absolutely LOVE IT!  Its very stable and predictable and turns out great smokes.  Lets see some pics of your UDS!

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I've gotta trick it out over the next couple of weeks. Right now it's a plain drum with 2 ball valves and a flat lid. It's got flaking black paint all over it. Gunna paint it up, add handles and some bling. Gunna paint a Texas rangers logo on it.
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Nice!  That should look awesome!  Mine is pretty plain too.  Black paint started with handles and went with a shelf soon to add a second shelf.  I'm also going to strap the mailbox on and start using my AMNPS very soon.




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Very nice. I'll definitely be adding a shelf to mine. I'm also hoping to find a weber lid somewhere. The one that is on it is a little warped so it kind of a bear to get it on right. But hey, it was free. Can't complain too much.
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Absolutely!  the price was certainly right!  A weber lid would be awesome also!

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Turned out awesome. Sure love this UDS.
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Hello and welcome to the site, congrats on the UDS and a great looking chunk of pork


Gary S

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