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New user from Northern California

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Hey All,


My name is Jared and I am from the Bay Area (Northern California). I have a beautiful fiance, I have a soon to be step daughter that is 6, have a dog of course & I work for an automotive manufacturer as an engineering technician. I travel a lot for work. I am in Spain right now!


I have always had an interest in smoking meat as I grew up BBQing with my grandfather & my dad. When I was about 13, I ran a BBQ for my dad's grocery store for about 5 years. Grilled up thousands of pounds of tri-tip, chicken and ribs. We also made some amazing tri-tip sandwiches! Good times :icon_biggrin:. As for smoking meat, I had very little experience. In April of this year, my fiance purchased a Masterbuilt GS30D for me. I fired it up and started my new adventure. I am still working out the bugs but I absolutely love my new toy. So far I have smoked about 6 racks of spare ribs, half chickens, sausages and chicken breast. Tri-tip is next on my list and I am working my way up to doing a turkey. 


I really look forward to chatting with all of you. Have a good day. 

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Welcome to the board, Jared! Sounds like an interesting background. Settle in!

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Welcome Jared!  Congrats on the upcoming wedding, the lovely family, the new toy, and such great memories of BBQ'ing.  Lots of folks here with your smoker so ask any question and you'll get your answer.  The search feature also is a great source of info.


Enjoy building memories with your new family!



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Hey Jared, welcome from East Texas, congrats on the new addiction and the soon to be new family.


Gary S

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Welcome! There is a plethora of knowledge available here! Glad to have you! 

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