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Need help Dave !!

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I got the stuff to build a rf offsett, my cc is round pipe 20x60 fb is 20x24 round pipe, I figured th smoke stack to be 6 in round 15 in long. Intake 10 wide 3 high , fb to cc opening 12.39 half moon or 8.7. Round . Do those measurements sound close , an on my fb to cc opening I think I read if using a round fb to cut out like a upside half moon would that work.
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tg evening..... First of all, there are many qualified folks on this forum to help answer your questions.....

FB/CC opening about 75 sq. in.
exh. 4" about 26/30" above the CC...

Connecting a round FB to a round CC.... Do not forget to take into account the thickness of the metal.....

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