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Picked up an MES Pro today.............

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I've been on the lookout for an MES smoker after reading through the forums.  I like the cabinet style door and electric is for me, the way to go.  I had stopped in a little junk shop to pick up a a shallow well pump and as I was leaving saw the MES.  A brief negotiation and $30 got it loaded into my truck an headed home with me.  I need to do some studying and learn the finer points of using one, but I am very pleased to have it.  I've got a digital thermometer probe to mount and a pair of vent wheels I plan to use to allow control of airflow from bottom to top.  Probably fab a permanent tent for the AMNPS tray.  Those of you who know more than I do, and that would be most all of you, please speak up and educate me.



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Good buy!
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I bought a MES Pro used a few weekends back.  Bought the AMPS and the dual probe wireless thermometer (for the 2nd smoke I did).


However, having some issues keeping the AMPS totally lit.  With the Pro model I'm seeing only a 3/4" hole at the bottom (drip exit) and the 3/4" hole in the upper right hand corner on the rear for smoke exhaust.  I'm thinking the airflow isn't sufficient for the pellet smoker.  Has anyone modified theirs for better air flow and to keep the pellets smoldering longer?


I'm still looking into this, other wise, the door thermometer is total garbage but the remote thermometer works perfectly.


Thanks for any tips.

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