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UDS Lid Question

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I want to build a UDS. My buddy brought me a barrel, but it is a closed top (no lid, I have to cut it open). Before i spend time cutting it open, I need to ensure I can get a lid that will work. 


Does anyone know if a Weber 22.5 lid will work, or do you have any other suggestions?

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There's lots of threads on that out there.  A Weber lid could very well fit but worst case and what many people do is get a strip of aluminum at Lowes and fit it around the inside of the drum about 1/2" above the lip.  You can rivet it in or bolt it in place.

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Actually, you are lucky. If you are careful when you cut the lid, you can cut it exactly so that the weber lid fits. Add a rope gasket, and you would be good to go.
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