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Making "carnitas" style pulled pork in the smoker?

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Was talking to my wife last night about our dinner plans this week and we were talking about making tacos (nothing special, ground beef), but it got me to thinking how good some slow-cooked carnitas-style pork would be for a Mexican night.


Has anyone done such a thing in the smoker?


The main things I'm wondering about is seasoning, and smoke. Obviously I would not want much of a barbecue style seasoning if I was using it for tacos or burritos, maybe a jerk-style seasoning of some sort?


As for the smoke, I wouldn't want quite as much smoke either. I was thinking something like doing only a couple hours in the smoke (with something like cherry wood), then maybe do the rest in foil, or in a covered roaster like I did my last shoulder, with some good spices and seasonings in the bottom of the roaster for it to simmer in for several hours.


Thoughts, opinions?

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I think I've done exactly what you're looking for.  When the freezer runs low on pulled pork, I have been buying the 2 pack from Costco, or Cash & Carry.  I season one of them up with a BBQ rub(Jeff's), then for the 2nd one, I rub a little hot sauce on it, then cover it with taco seasoning.  I smoke them together, to pulling temp.  I pull the taco pork, and freeze them in 1 lb pack, so when ever my wife wants to make up some tacos for dinner, she just pulls one out, and warms it like she would any taco meat (remember it's already cooked though). She throws it in a fry pan with a little water and more taco seasoning. It makes GREAT pork tacos.


BTW, we make our own taco seasoning (low sodium). 


Whatever you do, you don't want any sweet (brown sugar) for the taco meat, and don't worry about too much smoke, it makes the tacos taste better!


I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but this is easy and convenient for us.

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Find a "regular" carnitas recipe and use the spices listed there.  Viola!!!!

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