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Oil container

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If I were to pick this up, would there be a problem cleaning it well enough to build a smoker? It's about 3' wide x maybe 7 or 8' long
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k9, morning...... Is that a tank that was used to store "used oil" prior to disposal ??? If so, it will contain heavy metals that were adsorbed into the oil from engine parts....
Soooo, some extra cleaning will be necessary....
Shouldn't be a problem if it is used as a Cooking Chamber due to the low temps and high temps needed for volatilizing of the metals....
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Thanks Dave... I'm not sure if it contained used oil or new oil ... It's at a out of business new car dealership. I'm thinking of turning it into 2 vertical smokers... If I can get my hands on it
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Not to hijack this thread but to hijack this thread with another question about  oils.  I am going to give making my own lump charcoal a shot and both containers were used for auto oils also.  One had motor oil in it and the other had transmission fluid in it.  Will burning these out a good long time make it OK for use to make charcoal in?

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