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Chicken Request

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Here we go again... :icon_cry:Maribel is leaving on a weeklong trip to PA and before she left she wanted grilled chicken. Here's what we did.

Here's an Instagram video. 15 second clip of the cook.

First they were seasoned with the brand chicken seasoning.

I let them sweat for 15 min the added in a bag 1/2 cup of mayo. Wosterchire , soy sauce and hosin sauce.



Used peach wood for smoke flavor



Plated and ready to eat.

Thanks for looking and have a great week.

Tony and Maribel.
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Tasty looking Drummies! One of our favorites to smoke!
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I can taste them through my screen.  Great job!!!

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Man the color is great.

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NICE.....great color on those, beautiful. Drummies are still affordable (for now) here @ around 89-99 a pound so a timely post......Willie
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