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1st year Garlic grower question

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I decided to plant a small batch of hardneck garlic this past winter. Well it is getting closer to harvest day and we are having unprecedented rain fall. How will this affect my bulbs so close to harvest? Will they split? I o have them lightly mulched. Any help will be great
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Have the tops started to turn brown.... You usually want to harvest when the lower leaves are brown and the top 4 are still green.... Have you cut of the center stem to stop seed production.... anyway, pull back the mulch so the soil can dry as much as possible.... the bulbs won't split but wet layers on the head will cause problems.... when they are ready to harvest, dig them, then peel the layers of "skins" off of the head down to the green leaves... leave two to three layers on the head.... hang in a shady spot where the wind can get to them to dry really well... moldy garlic is ugly.....

After digging, peel off the layers like the bulb below, to hang to dry........ Dave

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There are a couple brown leaves it started to produce the scape which we r enjoying in a pesto sauce. Common sense was telling me to take off mulch. But wanted to make sure. Thnks dave.
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Sounds like you are close..... I'm still about a month away.... I guess..... Dave
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I will keep posting thnk u again
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