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That was Great, Kevin...


Another Hit , and a Grand Slam...:drool


Will you adopt me:icon_question: :ROTF



Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. . .

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Originally Posted by Dingo007 View Post

I was looking for some advice on how to smoke a tenderloin when I came across this post. It looked good to me so I did it;



Did one exactly as Foamheart instructed and wrapped one with bacon. Got to use my new iGrill2..(awesome device!)



Smoked it over cherry @225 to an IT of 145. Then foiled for 20min while I made gravy. The tenderloin came out perfectly. Very tender and juicy. The tips of bringing the loin up to room temp before smoking and applying the salt & brown sugar just before cooking are great to remember.

Here's the meal shot.....Smoked tenderloin, baked potato and pumpkin, with home made gravy and dinner rolls.



Thanks Foamheart...I just racked up some brownie points with the wife...(which I will no doubt need coming into cold smoke season)


I am happy you liked it, and listen brownie points this time of the year are priceless...... wait a week, and smoke the other tenderloin that came in that cryo-pac.


Keep the Boss happy!


Looks like it came out excellent. Congrats.

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