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Anyone ever smoke bratwurst?
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Hell yeah!! They are delicious. Especially soaked in beer and onions :-)
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So do I smoke them like a tenderloin ?
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Grill them indirect at anywhere from 275° to 325° with apple wood, IMHO they should end up looking like these-


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Awesome. Thanks Cliffcarter
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People always think I'm crazy - until they try it....


Cook them indirectly on the grill, but use pine cones for the smoke.  Just throw a couple of pine cones on the fire and set the brats on the other side of the grill.  It is a method my dad brought back from Germany.  It fits the spiciness of the brat very well.  A little spicy brown mustard and a beer and things are good to go!  Don't forget the warm German potato salad!

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