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New cooking by smoking. Have been cooking my entire life and love challenges. Started grilling 2 years ago. Love to grill fresh veggies and fruits from my garden. After looking at the smokers used here I can see I have a challenge ahead of me. My smoker is basic at the very least. My first project is a pork roast. I believe a sirloin. [IMG][IMG] Wish me luck.
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Good Luck !!!   and welcome from East Texas. Keep up posted and lots of pictures.


Gary S

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Welcome, glad ya joined us ! No worries on your smoker, it looks nice ! Every smoker has it's little quirks.... Just a little practice & patience, you'll be kickin out some great Q ! Let us know if we can be of any help to ya !
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Is that you phone number for a title? Different
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Phone number? That IS different :-)
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I kinda expected 867-5309...

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Glad you joined the group. I used a smoker close to yours for some time now with little issues after small mods and put out some good Q. I used it both as charcoal and lately as a stick burner, liked it and still use it as stick burner. Found it easier to control temp with wood fire. Good luck and keep smoking.

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