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What the Heck Did my Wife Buy

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OK all.

I need some help and I am confused.


My wife came home yesterday with a cut that has me really confused.


It's a little over 5 lbs.

Thick fat on both sides.


The Label says: Pork Shoulder - Ham Picnic Sliced PT1.


Not sure they didn't screw up the label.


Anyway, just for the two of us as usual.


I plan to inject.


Throw on at 200 with some apple wood and figure about 5 hours or so.


Any thoughts or comments.







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Raw cured pork shoulder. If it is smoke it till the internal temp 160

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Yep internal of about 160 then slice it. Will have a hammy taste if I remember correctly. Not really a pulling cut of meat.
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Strange cut?


It is the front shoulder.  Many years ago it was made into a "picnic ham".  A budget version of the real ham. My parents, being frugal folks who lived through the depression?  We had some "picnic hams" in our time.

I don't see that in stores very much these days.


Really small cut?


Read the label carefully.  It might be fully cooked or not. If it says "ham" it should be at least cured if not fully cooked? Look for things like sodium nitrite or sodium nitrate in the ingredients to determine if it is cured. If cooked, you could take it to 140 or even a little less.  If not cooked, I would take it higher.


Good luck and good smoking.

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