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Converted stainless steel pie cabinet

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This is some pictures of my smoker.

Inside is 37''H X 13''W X 22'' D

Smoke stack is 3'' X 20'' stainless steel tubing.

The bolt for the butterfly valve 3/8 X 8'' stainless eye bolt with stainless washers and nuts, bolt is ground down a little over half way with a angle grinder. The disk is from the hole saw hole from drilling the cabinet.

To brace the tubing to the cabinet i had a unused garbage disposal sink insert that fit perfectly, all screws are stainless 10 X24 drilled and tapped.

I replaced the door gasket with a 7/8 fiberglass rope gasket and covered with 400 degree silicone to keep the stray fiberglass strands out of the food.

I replaced the broken old thermometer with a  2'' River Country unit.

The heat comes from a removable 1500 watt fan forced unit that came with the cabinet. I had to replace the fan and motor due to it being damaged by someone trying to fix it before i got it.I also replaced the thermostat due to the same reason i used a 50 - 250 centigrade unit I, also added a speed controller for the cabinet fan and a small exterior fan to cool the main fan motor and it also pumps some fresh air into the cabinet for the Todd`s smoker tray.

With the heating unit removed.

I added a piece of stainless for the bottom of the door to seal against.The unit sets on 4'' swivel casters.

.This was a fun build and I hope you enjoy the pictures. ; )

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Hello.  GREAT lookin rig.  Some nice ideas incorporated into that.  Have fun with it!  Keep Smokin!


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Nice work, great bit of recycling. You obviously have some serious skills.
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