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not too bad

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Finally found a good weekend to chance smoking a brisket. Bought a 13 pounder from WalMart. Wife told me I better invite the neighbors!
Friday night I trimmed (mutilated) the nasty hard fat. Cut my finger twice. Decided it was trimmed enough!
Seasoned with EVOO and SPOG and tucked it into the fridge for the night.
Saturday night 8pm, put on smoker and topped with diced onion and basil leaves from garden. Cooked at around 250 using mesquite and hickory.
Checked it at midnight and it was about 145 so I decided to give it 1 more hour while the coals/wood died down then wrapped it with a splash of beef broth and finished in the oven at 225.
At 8 am it was at 190 so I let it rest until neighbors came over this afternoon. Mixed the drippings with some more broth and added another diced onion and another basil leaf.
Sliced it and put it in a big pan with the juice on the side, but couldn't believe how moist it still was after sitting wrapped for most of the day.
Best compliment I got was my neighbor from Texas said it was just like he remembers from back home and he's gonna buy the next one! :-)
Maybe next time I'll start a little earlier and finish it in the smoker all night.

Hope the pics turned out okay. Doing this from my phone.
Many many thanks to those who've posted so many ideas about smoking meats. I've learned so much from your expertise and have come so far over the past few years. The best advice I've gotten was to have fun, and there is no right way to make good BBQ.
I hope someday I can pass it on to someone else.
:-) :-)
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Looks awesome ! icon14.gif Great smoke & be proud of that Q'ed up brisket for sure ! biggrin.gif
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Nice looking Brisket!


Next time you do a brisket, or any other roast cut of beef give this Au Jus recipe a try, it is fantastic! We use a good stout or porter instead of wine, but that's just because we live in the Micro brew Mecca!

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Sounds perfect. I will give that a shot next time I cook a beef roast. Thanks!
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That must have been delicious! Cheers! - Leah

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Looks great nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Thanks for the nice compliments! :-)
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Mmmmmmmm Brisket!!!   Nice Smoke!



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Mmmmmmmmmm....wishing I were eating some of that right now

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