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Foam, thankyou for the input.its not so much what I wanted to do ....I had 7 hrs.on much time for overnight in the mistake was starting it to one ill plan better.
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The butt came out awsome.7 hrs. on the trailmaster.covered it.put it in the fridge.pulled it at 6 am .oven at 225 for 8 hrs. In a pan covered and water / apple juice be the judge...[IMG]
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The claws worked great jaikun! Decent price on amazon so why not? Lol.
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It was a late stall for sure aceoky. But it came out great! Thanks.
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Those look great smoke bros! I didn't foil mine during the smoke cause I wanted more bark.
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I've never stopped a smoke before the meat was done and refrigerated until a later time and finished the cooking process kwkk. I'm not calling you out for being a "sissy" or anything else for not being able to stay up to finish. I'm just worried that there might be a bacteria issue with that. Scares me a bit.

Looked great though! Glad it came out good! In the future give yourself 2 hours per pound as a high end ballpark time and you should finish early!
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Hey Foamheart glad to know I helped you out by taking your stall this time! But they say giving is better than receiving so I'll be glad to give you my next stall! Enjoy it! Lol!
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No problem.I am a sissy in bed by 10.bacteria is a legit concern.
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