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How come it seems that meat only "stalls" in a smoker but not in an oven :icon_question:

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I don't know....

I'm a redneck, your gonna wanna find a science teacher and ask them. Lol!

I really have no idea.
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I bet it does stall in the oven and you just aren't aware of it. We tend to watch smokers more than the home oven....which with an electric seems a bit odd. :-)
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That is true! Oven is as set it and forget as it gets! PardonMan is a scientist!!!
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Looks tasty man, nice smoke ! sausage.gif
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Yeah it came out real good! Glad I had the patience to ride it out and not use the Texas crutch!! Comes out far better when it's not wrapped IMHO.
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Yeah, if you rest them right, the temp will still climb a few degrees after you take them off, and the rest helps in other ways as well.


Understand your frustration.  Most of us have been there.


Butts are like people and some people are like......   Oh well?  What I meant is they can all be different.  :biggrin:


Your meat looks great.




Good luck and good smoking.

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Thank you sir! I'm very happy with the way this one turned out. 14 hours for a 8# butt was well worth it.
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I have had butts go to 2 hours/LB.


Drives me nuts?


Drives me to the beer cooler? :biggrin:


Good luck and good smoking.

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Wow! 2 hours a pound is truly a long haul if you have a decent sized butt. The stall didn't really surprise me, it was more the fact but stalled so late.
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Mine have usually stalled in the 160 to 165 range, but they can all be different.


At your internal temps you had to be at the end of the stall.


I just don't have the final answer on how different items of the same cut can act so differently. My best guess would be in age at slaughter and how animals are fed?  Certainly there are differences in how the connective tissue breaks down.


I do believe that cooking at lower temps like we do will amplify the inherent differences.  Yet after the stall, the lower temps seem to be an equalizer when dealing with like cuts?


Good luck and good smoking.

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That's a tasty looking sandwich. I'm doing a butt right now and just trolling for info. Gotta get me some of those bear claws though, they look pretty sweet
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Strange stall temp but it sure looks great and was well worth the wait !!!:drool:

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Wow hillbillyrkstr I did the same thing last night. Two 8 lb pork picnics though. Put in smoker at 8:00 am friday, foiled at 160° and in the oven at 230° till midnight when they hit 205° 2 hour rest brought them to 151° then pulled. I also stalled from about 189° to 191° for a couple hours.
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You guys got all my stall!! I cooked a 9-10lb butt no stalls, no foil, 220 degrees, done in 13 hours!  My jaw hit the floor!

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Question....if I sissy out around 9 pm tonite and the butt about 5 lbs. will have smoked for 7 hours can I refrigerate , pull it in the am. bring it to room temp and finish it oven / or / smoker?
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I think Foam just forgot to stick in the therm probe until the meat was done?


Good luck and good smoking.

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....guessin ill find out....sissy being the prime.im old....give me a break.
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Its better to finish cooking tonight if its been cooking already. If it makes it easier, roll that puppy up in some foil and toss it in the oven tonight.


I never broke a cooking cycle but guessing its not what you want to do.


Just my 2 cents.



Mine the other night just surprised me big time, I have had them come in over the estimate so many times I actually expect it, never hit one come in that early before. Guess I musta been due.

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When I enjoyed too many adult beverages?


Meaning maybe a couple more than two?


When the meat has enough smoke?


I have been known to wrap it in foil and stick it in an oven at 200 to 250.


Wake up the ole lady and crash.


Don't recommend it for most people?


But she is still here?


She must like pulled pork more than she likes me?


Can't blame her!


Good luck and good smoking.

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