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Naked Birds

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Decided to try some naked birds on the new smoker to see how the true smoke taste seasoned the yard birds. Used Oklahoma pecan splits and apple chunks to flavor. Just S&P on the birds. I did use a beer can method with dr pepper cans. Threw a couple Burnco Sausages on the pit as well, 2 jalepeno cheddar, 2 cheddar brauts and 2 Italian.

Finished product to follow, shooting for pulled chicken Sammies.
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Halfway through.

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And what do we call this class?

That's right... TBS!
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Thanks for the view!!!

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The final product! Delish, birds were super juicy!


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Great looking job man! Its almost impossible to beat pecan smoke. I know the easy coast especially around the Carolina's will shout hickory and those cowboys cook dang good Q on mesquite, but pecan is just so mellow with beautiful color.


That's a mighty tastee meal. I bet ya made a lot of smiles.



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Very fun to see! Cheers! - Leah

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Great QView, I bet the taste was awesome!

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Looks delicious, SSR!  Nicely done!  Thumbs Up



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Looks very good!!!


Well done!



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That looks great what temp did you cook the birdies at?? 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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