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smoking chicken breast

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I am new at smoking.have a new smoker that is a 30 gallon barrel has charcoal at bottom grate at half way and meet hooks... I'm marinating chicken now any advice on time and such? Anything would help
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Welcome to the board! Split breasts over maple in a Weber was my introduction to smoking.


Not knowing your rig or temps, I'd recommend going by how the pieces look, and make sure there are no red juices. However the meat might pick up a pink color from the smoke.


Good luck! Chicken is good to start with since it's cheap and simple.

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Newbee , welcome to the Forum . IMHO , you need to have a good thermometer and calibrate it often , this will help you know when the meat is done. Chicken should be at 165*F in the middle of the thick part of the Breast.


Now cooking breast , you will find they tend to get a bit dry , my solution is Wrapping them in  'BACON' . keeps the meat moist and adds great flavor.


Have fun and . . .

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