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New from Fredericksburg VA

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Hello! My name is Danny and I am fairly new to smoking. 2 years ago I bought a Weber Performer 22.5-in grill with a rotisserie. I smoked a chicken and then I smoked Thanksgiving turkey, injected with creole butter and it was great! Now I am getting a Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker in Cinnamon for Father's Day (scheduled to arrive Thursday before FD) . It will sit beside the Weber. I am excited and joined this group for tips, tricks, and recipes.
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Looks like alot of Masterbuilts being picked up recently. They are a great smoker. Welcome to the club and enjoy your smoker!!!
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Hey Danny, welcome from East Texas, and congrats on the new addition.


Gary S

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Thanks! mine came from HSN...the Masterbuilt CEO comes on and sells direct on one of their shows. They sell a boat load. As far as I know it is the only place to get the smoker in the cinnamon color. I paid $249 which I believe is competitive. I'm going out for Meat this weekend to smoke when it gets here later this week....the webber will stand at the ready for steaks...of course with the extension ring and the rotisserie the webber also does a mean rotisserie chicken/small Turkey too.

I have a lot to learn and this looks like a good place to do that.

I am interested in learning about what combo action of woods produce what flavors in what meats.

I am also interested I smoking Tuna streaks, mahi-mahi, scollops and other you can tell I'm excited...

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