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roll call

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Hello all my name is chris. I am finally proud to say I am the new owner of a 40" masterbuilt electric smoker. (After much persuading my lovely wife) haha.
I live on the beautiful delta here in northern California. I spend alot of time on the water during the summer months so that was part of the decision of the electric smoker. So tomorrow I will attempt a 9lb pork shoulder. So here goes nothing!!!
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Hey Chris!  Howdy neighbor!  Congrats on the new toy and your powers of persuasion.  Have fun with the pork shoulder.  Let us know how it turned out and what you learned.

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Good morning Chris, welcome to the site. Be looking forward to hearing about the pork shoulder, one of my favorites. I did a bunch of stuff weekend before last, including a pork shoulder, here is the link check it out



Gary S

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Hi Chris. Enjoy the new MES40. My wife got me ones for my birthday in April. Been using it almost every weekend since. (Not last weekend though as I had alot of yard work to do.) But I just started a pork butt this mourning, my second one so far. I used to do the charcoal up until this year and long smokes were a real pain in it. But with the MES, it's a treat.
I picked up an AMNPS tray for mine, (highly recomended by most MES owners) at the smoker has been perfect for me since.
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Thank you fellas. Well here it goes..haha any tips?
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Originally Posted by clloyd673 View Post

Thank you fellas. Well here it goes..haha any tips?


First advice, relax.  Just put together your plan, trust it, and let it happen.  Let the smoker do it's magic.


Avoid the temptation to micro manage the smoke by constantly checking on the progress.  Smoking is like watching the hour hand on the clock.  It's working, you just can't see it.  The familiar saying is "If you're looking you're not cooking!"


When finished, enjoy the meal but reserve judgment until the next day.  I can't tell you how many times I thought "okay, that was good" right after smoking then the next day, wow.


Use a finishing sauce. It really makes the pulled pork POP with flavor.  The one in the following link is an absolute winner!  

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Welcome to the forum!!!   Advice? read some more.  :biggrin:

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Been reading. Thanks
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Hello all, I'm new to this Forum, I have been smoking meats for about 7 years, but it always is nice to come to a forum for more advice, as I'm no pro at it, but love to do it. I live in Rhode Island at the moment, were a military family. But i Learned how to smoke meats in North Carolina , I have lived there off and on for last 20 years of my life. This weekend i will be smoking 4 boston Butts , around 10 pounds each, 2 beef Briskets , and 5 racks of baby back ribs, my wife is Having a party to celebrate her promotion .  well any way just a little about my self, I'm  veteran , i love to hunt and Fish, and love to smoke all kinds of foods. Up here in Rhode Island no many places Smoke any kind of meat, so its always a treat.  looking forward to chatting with y'all.



Cheers and Beers



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