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Smoking boneless chicken thighs

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Can anyone direct me to what temperature to smoke thighs at? 300? And at around how long? Thanks!
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They don't need low and slow. I do mine at 275 and have remote probe in. Go to 165 IT. I have also wanted to know time but have learned there are to many variables. So don't go by time but I think minr took 1.5 to 2 hours. I went with 275 instead of 300 as I wanted a little more time leeway.
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I don't check internal but rather go by time but would say thighs are around 180, you get some good rendering taking them up a bit higher.



Lower heat (250 - 275) + longer time more fat renders.

Use a dry rub as well to aid in a better bite thru skin. Dry rubs do better with lower heat.

trim your thighs, pull the skin up a bit, trim fatty part of skin, pull skin back around thigh, poke with fork and pour boiling water slowly over skin right before cooking.



grilled direct heat (infrared)
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Time is subjective.  Mine usually take 2 hours at 275F.  I look at Internal Temp more than anything.  Dark meat is IT of 170.....I pull at 165 and let rest to reach 170.



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