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TBS house done working for now.

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Just finished the nephews PP and Dutch's wicked ones for his grad party Saturday. Using a new burner from northern freight and how important this cook is I went early. Just in case of any hiccups. To pre heat the house I started with a chimney full of kingsford for an hour. Then fired up the new burner. Once the temp was sum what stable I added beans and the four shoulder's trimmed and just under 40lbs. I was going to use the amps with hic/apple. It wasn't working like I wanted at the time. Most likely it was placement and will figure it out soon. So I just added hickory chunks to the coals, worked extremely well. Temps averaged 250ish.  After about 4hrs I pulled the beans, stirring them a couple times in that 4 hrs. @ 2100 the shoulder and house are looking good. Getting late  I set my alarm for 0100 for a house temp check all good at 260. Went back to bed got up @ 0700 and all was done. Including the 5 gallon propane tank. Which is more hands down more cost effective than the turkey fryer I used before.

















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very homemade rigs! beans and meat look good also!:Looks-Great:

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I love your rig.   I need something like that.   Nice looking cook too!

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Thanks guys. Have another big cook 06/21 shoulders & ribs maybe a brisket. love it :beercheer:

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That all looks awesome.... From the smokehouse to the food ! kewl.gif
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