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Hello from Central Arizona

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How's everyone doing. I live in the Prescott, AZ area. I'm a diagnostic electrician for a copper mine. I bake, cook, brew beer, wood work, and collect/shoot black powder rifles, pistols and single action revolvers.


I have been looking at smokers for a couple of years now, and recently bought one, based on how good a job it did for my father-in-law. So far I've done brisket, pork cushion meat, and chicken. All turned out acceptable. The pork cushion meat turned out great. Tomorrow I am smoking fresh sausage for friends and family. 


I'm looking for ideas on how to get the most out of my smoker.

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Welcome to the board! Browse around some of the side areas like sauces and seasonings.


What's your rig? We will tease you if you don't post pics.

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I bought a Brinkman electric smoker, based on how good the results were from the same smoker that my father-in-law has. I have modified it to add a thermometer to the lid so I can check the temp of the smoker, and being an electrician, I am already considering how best to add a rheostat to the power cord so I can have some temp control.



Brand new...




Making smoke...





First batch of pulled pork...


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Hello and welcome from East Texas, post some pictures of your smoker and tell us your concerns 


Gary S

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Sorry pictures came up before I finished


Gary S

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Right now, I'm still learning cooking times and internal temps. When I did the pork, I had 5 separate roast, so I could experiment a little. I did find out that I did have to get pork cushion meat up to 200 degrees internal temp before it pulled well.


I will be smoking Italian sausages tomorrow. Is there any prep needed for the sausages before putting them in the smoker?

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Looking good!


I want to see AZ again, haven't been there since 1981.

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It has changed a lot since then.

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