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Wildman is in the building

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Hi all,

I am a retired soldier and live in central Washington St. We have hot summers and cold winters here with a lot of wind due to being in a large valley. I've never had a smoker before so I will stumble my way thru trying this thing out. I just bought a Smoke Hollow 3 in 1 grill/smoker. I've got it all together and have seasoned the grill already. I read a lot of the threads on some of the mods people have done to their grills. So as I was putting it together I sealed up some of the seams that had daylight showing thru. I used high temp RTV to seal everything up. Today I got the nomex gasket in the mail today so I will be sealing up my lids here in a few days.









The new grill all put together sitting out by the house.






RTV sealing up the seams.




Side fire box for smoking chores. Have a lot to learn about how to use this and keep a good fire burning in it.






Also bought this storage box for the charcoal and wood for smoking.



Fixed the pictures........................

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I too live in central Washington (moses lake), I just got a Brinkman smoking pit a month ago. While it leaks very badly, it works for my needs. Seems like a hassle to seal it all up like you did but to each their own. Thank you for your service!!!
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It wasn't that big a deal to seal it grill up. But I did mine as I was putting it together so I didn't have stuff in my way. I put RTV between the fire box and side of the grill as I was putting it together and then put RTV in each of the screw holes because I could see daylight through some of them.

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Well I hope it turns out really well for you!
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Good morning and welcome from East Texas, looks like you are on your way to a lot of great smoking. Keep us posted.


Gary S

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