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hi everyone

i have a new CS 450 Louisiana gril. used less than 10 times, worked great 2 days ago, today the damn ignitor rod wont heat up. the fan runs and the pellets poop.



Goliath  :icon_evil:

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Ignitors seem to go bad on a lot of the cookers. and your next one may last for a year, not sure why that is. Call the company they should be able to ship you a new one, you can always light manually until then I guess. About the only way to check it that I would know of is to use a DVOM and check for power coming from the controller, and maybe resistance through the rod, but not sure what it should be.

Good luck sir.

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If they have a safety device programmed into it, if the igniter draws low amps, the fuel will not turn on.... It turns on momentarily and then the fuel shuts off.. keeps from having a BIG BOOM..... That means the igniter is weak.... usually the igniter is "one size fits all" and you should be able to find one on amazon or the Big Box store.....

Check the connectors.... one may be loose.....
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Light the firepot with a propane torch. Once the pellets are lit the unit will operate. Get a replacement hotrod made for the Louisianna grills. I don't believe they use the generic traeger type.
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Big boom ??? On a pellet grill ???
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Originally Posted by daron Jake View Post

Big boom ??? On a pellet grill ???

Oh yeah, it happens. Leave that lid closed and combustible gases build up? She'll jump off the patio. Not common but it happens. Usually in the middle of a cook and the pellets go out. If you try to restart without the proper procedure with the lid closed don't be standing too close.
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