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MES 40" chip loader

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I have a 2009 model, and my Dad has a 2012 model. I need to load chips every 30 minutes or so. I smoked on my Dad's last weekend, and loaded his 3 times in 5 hours. Also, my chips are charred but not ash. His were complete ash. 


I have read about the bigger chip tray and loader, so I called Masterbuilt this morning. I was informed that there is NO retro kit, PERIOD. There is a HUGE difference in my smokers performance and my Dads smokers performance. Customer service was very un-accommdating. 


I already have an a-maz-ing tube, which is great for longer smokes. But I really like the consistent amount of smoke from my Dad's unit. Am I just out of luck unless I buy a new smoker with the upgraded chip tray? If that's the case, $300 is a decent downpayment on a Yoder. Very aggravated with Masterbuilt right now!!!!!

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Maybe call and try to get someone else I purchased one this past winter. Mines a 20070211
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