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First post from Alabama

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Hey guys. I have been a long time smoker here in Alabama and just recently subscribed to the newsletter. I enjoy firing up the pit, having a crowd over and just sitting back and watching everyone eat so much they get miserable. For the past 5 years, I have been using the largest side by side smoker by Oklahoma Joes. Recently, at a function, we were talking bbq and someone suggested using a pan of apple juice or apple cider vinegar mixed with water instead of just water next to the fire box. Has anyone tried this? Any suggestions.

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Welcome to the Forum!!! There's a lot of experienced BBQers here that are great people and willing to share. I also use an offset smoker. Mine is a char griller all modded up. I use a baffle I bought online and never had to use water to even temps. I know some guys say it adds moisture, and the theory behind apple juice is it will add flavor, but I never did this. I'm not saying adding water or juice is right or wrong, just never did it. Anyway, welcome aboard. Good Luck!!!

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Hello and welcome from East Texas. I have done both really can't tell any difference, I always spritz whatever I am smoking, sometimes just apple juice sometimes 50/50 apple juice and apple cider vinegar.


Gary S

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