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getting dry cured bacon crIspy

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Hello all I'm opening a restaurant in Florida and I have worked out a good recipe for the flavor of the bacon but I'm having a hard time to get crIspy. It has a ham like texture which I like but I want crIspy for burgers. I'm doing a seven day dry cure with pink salt, kosher, sugar, garlic, and pickling spice. After that I soak in twice changed cold water for eight hours. I then dry it off and smoke for roughly three hours at 225 in cook shack 008 I think is the model. The little one. Any tips for getting crisper? Thanks everyone!
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Why do you soak in cold water.   I just brush the extra salt and cure off, maybe do a quick rinse, let dry and then smoke.   I thought the whole idea of doing a dry cure was to reduce the amount of moisture in the bacon?


Not sure about the ham like texture either but that's just me and I am sure there will be a lot of opinions and advice offered.

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Dry cured bacon needs a little oil in the pan... I would use lard..... also a little water to get the fat starting to melt will help.... Have you tried baking it in an oven at 350 for 20-30 minutes.... depends on the thickness of bacon etc.... that's how we cook our bacon now..... UMMMMM good.....

I have had the same problem with dry curing bacon......
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Thanks fellas. I soak in water because otherwise it'll be way too salty. Do you think wet cure would help?
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Try the wet cure...... the bacon will have a different texture....... You must be getting "non enhanced" bellies.... My meat guy has the option of purchasing injected or non injected bellies for me..... I buy the non injected bellies and wet cure them... I have tried dry curing them and they come out very dry as any moisture is pulled from them with the cure/salt/seasonings etc.... it is very little moisture but the results in the finished belly is noticeable....
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Thank you will do
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