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Question for all you smokers out there is how to cool the smoker down itself i have a full tray of coals in there and everything is shut and it hits 220C which it says 100 to 150C to smoke now i have used 3 different temp gauges the one on the smoker itself a candy one and a digital one and they all read maybe 15 degrees of each other i have the MASTER FORGE VERTICAL CHARCOAL SMOKER 

the pan was full up to the top of charcoal when i started it 
now would putting less coal in the bottom pan help ??? 
would drilling some holes at the top lid or side help with cooling it down ??? 
just need some help on cooling it down i didnt expect it to hold temp so well 

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I close all the vents on my wsm. Why do you need it to cool down so quick?

I believe if you drill holes it will give more air and the fire will continue.
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Thank you for joining our group!  if possible, would you put your location in your profile so we know where you hail from?  Which leads me to my next question, are those F° or C° temps you're speaking of?

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well all the vents are closed and the coals are still red hot from the look of things maybe i might try and put less coals in the pan 

no i mean holes in the top of the smoker being at the top heat rises and leaves quicker therfore cooling it quicker ??? im just saying normally wouldnt that work ??? 

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sorry im using Celsius the temp gauges suck hear 

just trying to figure out how to cool it down thats all cos atm im seasoning it and the temp is high as just not sure how to cool it down 

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ok i think i figured out why the coals were still read hot and burning so maybe i have to wait a few hrs after starting them up to make them go to temp :) 

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