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First brisket

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I smoked my first brisket today .it was a whole brisket 11 lbs ,it turned out awsome ,tender an juicy.this smoking is additive I am definitely hooked.
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Hello.  Glad it turned out well for you.  We would like to see pictures.  Maybe next time.  Keep Smokin!


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What temp and how long did it take?

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250• took about 9 hrs after I trimmed it it was probly 8 or 9 lbs
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Rumor has it.......

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I'll try to get pics Dave I don't know how to post them on here all I have is my phone .
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Nice job.... looks really good to me.... icon14.gif
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Thanks, Im hooked , I have a small brinkman offsett that I done a lot of mods to an it does descent. I built a double uds , and starting on a rf offset then a hog cooker , lol like I said I got it bad I love it an am having fun. The bad part is I just had lap band surgery an can't hardly eat anything lol, but I enjoy cooking for the family an having them brag on it
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