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Small brisket

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I'm smoking my first brisket tomorrow and I got a small 2.8lb one just for a trial run. I have never used a smoker before. I just bought a Char-griller kamado grill.

I'm planning on doing a whole brisket on the 15th for Father's day. I also bought a Maverick to track the temp, and I have a fairly good selection of lump, briquettes and chips in a variety of woods.

Any tips?
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Make sure one side has at least 1/4" of fat. Then smoke fat side up or down, your choice. Watch the temp on that kamodo; I hear they can be difficult to maintain the lower temperatures (200°-230°) commonly used for smoking.

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if you want a rough estimate on total cook time you can assume 1.5hours per pound but every piece of meat cooks differently so that maverick will be your best friend. Try to cook it with a smoker temp of 225-250 and when the meat reaches 190+ internal stick a fork, probe or toothpick in it and you should get little resistance. Then you know its done. You dont want it to hot if your planning to slice or it'll be more difficult


Remove it and wrap in foil and then a towel and stick in a cooler for atleast an hour (3-4 max) to let rest. 


Good luck and post pics

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Well, it looked good...

I had trouble keeping a consistent temperature and it cooked much too fast. So, it wasn't fall apart tender, but did have a really good smokey flavour.

I think I'll try smoking with no food on to get a better feel for temp control.
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Yep, even our mistakes can taste good. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon.

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