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Nooby to the forum

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Hi everybody this is my first post, and really my first forum of any kind.  I have been reading through all the great knowlege of this site (endless really), I have a graduation party this weekend of about 60 people, so I am extremely nervous about feeding everybody.  My intentions are to smoke a packer brisket (12#) on Thursday to make sandwiches and beans out of. Then on Friday, the day of, smoke another packer for slicing and dipping, as well as 12 racks of baby backs.  My plan of attack is to smoke brisket for 4 hours, wrap in foil and put in oven until temp, then back on smoker at the end to tighten up.  Same plan for the ribs, alternating with the brisket (Traeger/Oven/Traeger).  With rest times, I think I have a schedule laid out.  My question is first, what are the biggest obstacles you see ahead of me, and do you have any advice for me? Thanks, Mike

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Welcome to the board! I would suggest that you try smoking some of that meat ahead of time so you're not under the gun to produce it all perfectly at once.

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What would you suggest for smoking ahead of time? I just don't know the best way to reheat, so that is what is holding me back.  I was thinking brisket in foil in the oven, or,I also have a propane bbq, while the ribs are on a rib rack in the traeger.??

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Welcome from East Texas. Brisket re-heats well. since you are going to finish it in the oven, you may want to leave it on the smoker 5 - 6 hours, just to get that nice smoke ring a nice bark.


Gary S

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Thanks, for the advice. You have convinced me to get ahead of the battle. I have decided to cook 2 briskets today (Wed) for sandwiches, and alternate brisket and ribs on Friday. I also have 2 bushels of oysters for the gas grill that will be manned by a friend. It looks like the number of people rose to about 85. I will definitely need a few cold ones to pull this off. Thanks again.
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welcome1.gif Don't forget we like pictures.
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No problem, I well take several.
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