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First Brisket Smoke need help!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys I'm fixing to smoke my first brisket tomorrow for my wife while she is at school. She has been bugging me for a while to do this for a while now and i don't have the first clue in what i am doing and i need help please. i have a little char-broil offset and i bought a little 4lbs. brisket. please if someone could help this idiot with a step by step with recipes and all that, it would be great. I think I'm way in over my head, didn't know a 4lbs. piece of meat could be so intimidating.

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Someone more knowledgeable will come along, but here's what I would suggest. Give it a good rub and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. Smoke it to 200 degrees, or you can go to 160 and then foil the rest of the way to 200. Hope you have a good thermometer as brisket isn't cheap. Gl and happy smoking my friend.
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Thanks my friend do you have any good suggestions on some rubs. like i said i am completely way in over my head was thinking about some store bought generic rubs, any injections? ( Stubbs butter?)

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Oddly enough man wal mart has some little single packet rubs for a buck each. The mesquite one is killer.
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After years of smoking brisket, I've gone to kosher salt, coarse ground pepper, and a bit of onion and garlic powder. If you have a little cumin around you can add a bit of that. Don't worry about using a good amount.... brisket can take it. As for injections, a concentrated beef broth works well, but I'd keep it simple. SPOG for rub and skip the injection if you like. Just make sure you have patience and pull around 200 IT, or unti toothpick slides in easy and then let it REST. Double wrap in foil with a little liquid, wrap that in a towel, and let that sit in a cooler for an hour or more. It will be great.
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First thing is you need to be comfortable with your smoker. will it hold 225 to 250. did you check it with a remote therm....... if it will your good to go...... Sounds like you have a brisket flat and their a lot easier than a whole brisket...... Smoke to 160 then foil  or( I place the brisket in a foil pan and let it cook in its own juice) and bring it to 190 then start tooth picking it. If the tooth pic slides in with no resistance pull it and wrap it (with foil) in a old towel and let it rest for an hr or so. If you get done early wrap it in more foil, towel it and put it in a cooler until ready to cut and serve. If the tooth pic doesn't go in and out with no resistance wait 5 more degrees then repeat. I don't recommend chain store rubs. Do a search here for rub recipe's or purchase Jeff's rub recipe and support the site.. You wont be disappointed.


Good luck and don't forget to post up your results and some qveiw


Happy smokin



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i'm guessing the towel is an insulator. thanks for the advice and will definitely will take pics and post. can't sleep i'm so excited to get started.

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