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Got me a #3

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They talked me into it. Can't wait to smoke that bad boy up. 

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Well what are you going to smoke first after the break in?

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Big pile of Ribs!

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Have any good rubs? Techniques? Preferred woods?

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With ribs I like to use half hickory and half cherry. Mmmmmm good.  Rubs are a matter of taste.  Search Rib Rub in the forum and get some ideas.....then tweak to suit your taste. 




Smokin-It #2

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So far I have tried hickory (to season her) cherry right now. I did apple the other day. I just bought a rub with a hint of cherry. I will try pecan next.

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What's great about it, you only need 2 chunks and you're good to go. Just the right amount.

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